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Lollito Larkham @ tKF

Tanalois Art & torno Kohime Foudation

have the pleasure to invite you to 
the opening of the art exhibition


Lollito Larkham

Saturday April 26th 22.30 IT - 1.30 PM SLT

Aloisio Congrejo has interviewed the artist.

Aloisio Congrejo: What brought you in Second Life?
Lollito Larkham: Hello. I created my avatar in august 2007, but started to come regularly since January 2088. I came for an online role game first, but discovered something totally different, intriguing, and very stimulating. I didn't know anything concerning 3D before that. Even the single word "vertice" or "mesh" or "texture", etc, was for me like Chinese talking. I starting by building tortured prims, and then discovered the existence of external objects it was possible to import from blender. And so, in 2008 i started to produce my first sculpted prims while i was discovering Blender. And, from sandbox to sandboxes and sculpted prims to another, i met Artistide Desprès accidentally. She introduced me to the Caerleon Art Collective group and then my artistic second life was born!
I have been away for 2 years, and came back recently for a participation at the Philosopher's Stone, a project initiated by Pixels Sideways and Georg Janick.
I must say my second life is episodic now. I have no more time enough to be involved in SL as i was in the past. Making art installation consumes times, specially when you create everything from scratch, from concept to final rendering in SL. It represent a lot of work in Blender, and you have to set it up once again in SL each time, for each project.
This is a long process each time and some other 3D projects are keeping me busy.

Alo: What is art for you in Second Life?
Lollito: Art in SL can have so many forms. Each artist has its own speciality and focuses. Not all exploit all the SL possibilities, me the first !
Art in SL is something new, still in experimentation. The thing is that you have to deal with the limits. For example, you could be an ace in animation, you still can't animate hands or faces. That means some art disciplines are very exiting in SL, i specially think about immersive interactive builds, while some others are limited (animation field).
There is now new shaders, with multiple layers textures, and this is good. I've just experimented this a bit in this exhibition, hoping you'll like it !
SL is still evolving, and art in SL will grow in the same time. I remember the time of my first sculpties. We had to deal with a tiny sculpt map, and the use of cutted sculpted prims was a pain (sadistic) for a "normal" modeler. I was about to leave SL because of this: why to spend so many time to model sculpted prims, while blender can offer so much more potential as a visual artist. And then came the mesh in SL. Second life is easier now and graphically better. Meshes imports brought it like in a new dimension.
But in my opinion only a few are using all the possibilities of what the SL engine offers. I think of interaction with external datas and peoples. It needs some devices, it's technical, and only few sorcerers can manage that. That's waht makes also sl exiting, like a mad scientist laboratory where everybody leads its own experiments.
For is art for everyone is SL. 

Alo: What prompted you to make art in Second Life?
Lollito: Is there something else to do there ?

Alo: What  inspires your creations?
Lollito: My inspiration comes from other artists as well as movies, music, etc. 

Alo: Are you an artist in rl?
Lollito: Depending on the definition of an "artist", yes i am. 
I have achieved musical studies in Conservatoire, and studied in graphic art school.

Alo: Is there any artist that inspires you in SL or RL?
Lollito: Yes, there is inspiration everywhere. In RL or SL.
This is what is exiting, you can always see something new, made diferently, surprising, or simply something you don't like.
Often, it is one aspect, or several that are inspiring in a given artist. Everyone has its own interest, and everyone is inspiring someone else. You can see it through the time along peoples art pieces evolution. This is good and very positive. 
Inspiration comes also from movies, music, paintings, but also all those "incognito" artists you can see on the mainstream social networks.
Just log on the web and be submerged by inspiration! The most important is that when comes your time to create, to recover and stay in your personal expression. In music we'd say to develop your own gesture.
Taking from others, everybody does. The interesting part is the way you appropriate and make your own stuff that goes beyond what inspired you first, could be a style or a technic.

Alo: Is there a site where we can enjoy your creations?
Lollito: No, i just have a scrapbook on flickr.
As i started 3D five years ago, i thought it was a question for later.
I don't consider it as a pro portfolio, but like a place where i keep my "scratches"
The pro site is on my to do list... 

Alo: What are the creative techniques that you use in your work?
Lollito: My tool is blender, to make models, texture them, animations, lightnings, etc.
Concerning creation process, the rule is: no rules.
I'm very spontaneous. For me the "creative gesture" is important.
I like to work with associations of ideas, and mixing things or concepts to make contrasts.
I like to explore the relations beetwen space and light. 
Lightning offers a great potential graphically and emotionaly. 
To define space with lights is one of my investigation field for some of my SL previous works.
As well as using the environemnt in game or the baked light from blender. 
The point is that the more you know the tools, the more you can exploit it to express freely.
Scripting is one aspect i totally ignore, as i don't know scripting. Im' not enough present in SL to learn and progress.
I just can use basic ones.
Of course that limits the possibilities. It's a choice, because i had to spend my all life in SL to become a mediocre scripter, lol!
There is always a smart person to help for scripts when i need something special.

Alo: Any projects for your artistic future in Second Life?
Lollito: Not really. I'll keep my episodic visits, but no big projects.
I didn't submit for LEA again, as i know i couldn't spend all the time needed to make big installation with high quality mesh work.
There will be next Caerleon Isles group projects. Aside of this, i have no special projects for SL.
I will be focused on RL blender game project, and, as i mentioned before, SL is too chronophageous to open a "second front" there actually.
Big projects are interesting if you have a place to lead them and time for it. In my case, you can add a good scripter to work with.

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