martedì 23 aprile 2013

Milly Sharple and JadeYu Fhang @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 
have the pleasure to invite you
to the opening of the art exhibition by

Milly Sharple 


JadeYu Fhang

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday, April 24 1:30 PM SLT - 22: 30 IT


End show: Wednesday, May 8

Biography Milly Sharple 
Milly Sharple has been creating fractals for the past 7 years working mostly with the software Apophysis. She creates soft, flowing, liquid effects rather than the more technical kind of fractal art. 
Her inspiration is nature and her own moods are often reflected in the art she produces. 
She enjoys creating images on light backgrounds as much as on dark ones and enjoys a vibrant palette as often as a muted one. 
Milly has recently ventured into the world of abstract art using her fractals and RL photography as a basis for her work. 
If you're interested in buying art from Milly in RL, contact her for more information. 

Biography JadeYu Fhang
JadeYu Fhang is an artist staying in Paris, France ; she has followed drawing classes at the Fine Arts School of Paris, and has attended the Applied Arts School.

My approach :
«There is no split between the "virtual " universe, and the "real" one, as they are commonly named.
Each of them creates inner confusion,exults and feeds itself from the other. From this perspective, my pictures from. SL universe should materialize thanks to their printing on real canvas, recalling then an effect of texture we can find with a painting.
My approach is to give the possiblility to wander over these two worlds where dream (captured by blurred and abstract technics) and reality are completing each others.

Recognizing it :
Means taking the risk to lose one’s « eye » in the confusion of universes, sometimes having a naive and blinded look at it, sometimes having a view imposed by sharp reality . .

It is also recognizing one self in the middle of two dimensions inhérent in our existences and take the power to chose. make the décision to take the road of the enlightened blind one or the one of the realistic reckless one».

sabato 20 aprile 2013

Minollo Menges @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 
photo exhibition by

Minollo Menges

Opening: Sunday, April 21st - 22.30 IT 1.30pm SLT

End Show: May 8th

Minollo Menges Biography

Minollo says, "I do not have a hatred for the truth to do it, I seem to take me seriously, while it is a game."

mercoledì 17 aprile 2013

Rose Borchovski @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 
have the pleasure to invite you to the 
opening of the art exhibition

"You are not allowed to fish" by 

Rose Borchovski

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday, April 17 - 1:30 PM SLT - 22:30 IT

End show: Wednesday, May 1

Biography Rose Borchovski

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FISH, is a part of the installation: The Inevitability of Fate ( shown at two fish). It is the story of Beth and her grandchild Lot, they were forced to leave their home because of a war.
The war came to them in steps, first by rulings of what they were not allowed to do, during the war they are separated and the child get lost. Beth will never find her grandchild back .
The symbol I have used is the Saint Christophe,carrying the child on his shoulders across the river.

I have shown this installation before in sl as part of a bigger group sim installation, but I felt it deserved another showing on its own, placed lost in the sky. 
For me it is the most sad and hard installation I have made in sl, and contains many emotions, the not understanding, the fear, the loss and pain of an upcoming war and separation.

Rose Borchovski is a multi media director in RL and makes art-installations and multimedia performances.
In two of her multimedia -productions she made a cross over between Sl en RL.
First with 'The Blue planet' the closure performance for the expo in Spain, Zaragoza , which toured around Italy and went to China .
Second with the performance "The Big Bang" which was the opening of the Science museum Kopernic in Warsaw. The content of the outside projections show on the face of the building was completely generated in SL. The opening was attended by 24.000 people and broadcast live.
Currently Rose is working on 3 exhibitions in RL with SL animated images.

In Sl Rose is known for her never ending Susa Bubble story and the installation The Inevitability of Fate.
"Echoes in the Garden"
" The Arrival"
" Blind"

Video's on youtube:

martedì 9 aprile 2013

Mauro Enyo @ tKF

torno Kohime Foundation and Tanalois Art
have the pleasure to invite you to 
the opening of the Art Exhibition 

by Mauro Enyo.

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday April, 10th 1.30 pm SLT . 22.30 IT

In the evening live music by Andromeda Slade

Biography Mauro Enyo

I am a crystalline being, but wandering and restless because of the darkness and misery I have encountered so often in a contemplative way, and by other bloody realities I encounter in my own trembling skin, driving me to the point of 
madness; so that I struggle to hurl angels and demons from their cohabitation in my being and let them be perpetuated onto canvas, wooden material, 
paper, and other supporting media, sometimes moaning and in forms constructed from the most dissimilar verses of poetry.

My academic studies were the result of my desire to improve my talent, a desire carried forward from my childhood. My first pen and ink sketches were drawings 
of dinosaurs that consumed cities with imaginary skyscrapers crashing down in a deliciously catastrophic scene.

I can say this to describe myself, directing a retrospective glance from that time forward to my arrival in the here and now with the same sincerity as ever, framed in a smile of welcome for all good-willed people.

In SL, I have exhibits at: 
To see my RL work and exhibits, please visit my webpage: 

lunedì 1 aprile 2013

Elin Egoyan and JudiLynn India @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 

have the pleasure to invite you

to the opening of the art exhibition by

Elin Egoyan 
JudiLynn India 

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday, April 3th 1:30 PM SLT - 22:30 IT

Live music by Andromeda Slade 

Square Galleries:

End show: Wednesday, April 17th

Biography Elin Egoyan

My artistic life started about 20 years ago with a pencil, soft pastel crayon and my fingers as tools. Finally after a long time ignoring my desire to draw (teenagers are busy with far more ‘important’ things of course:)) I gave in and,… was lost! I really got the hang of it! 

In pastel crayon I found soon satisfaction in making ethnical portraits. The challenge to make them almost photographic was high, and came out as I liked it. As example I took photo’s that triggered me. A look or expression in the faces or simply how someone sat or did was enough. I took what I found important and let out what was not essential.

But the smell of oil paint was calling and it did not take very long to change my direction. First oil paintings, but because of my impatience ( it takes sooooo long before oil paint is dry) I started soon after that with acryl paint. 

Looking back I see that my subjects often expresses things of (my) life. Things were I am thinking about, a feeling or emotion. I try to tell that in bright and harmonious colours and while painting I follow my intuition and inner emotion as guide, I let myself float with the motions and colours. Normally starting a painting and not knowing were it ends.
When I came to Second Life, one of my main goals was to have my own gallery and show what I made in RL. In those 6 years I found so many satisfaction in being creative in more ways SL offers. The landscaping, the building,… the drive to make creations better and better.
Very careful I stepped also on the artistic SL-road and make digital art and vases. And so my SLigital art and RLainting art and life’s meet and unite to something were I am very happy about.

Biography JudiLynn India

I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I studied art throughout school, Commercial Art in high school and Graphic Design in college. After the turn of the century, I decided to focus my creativity on acrylic and digital painting and have totally enjoyed the journey.

Known in SL as JudiLynn India and RL as Judi Lynn, my mission is to share my vision and message as an artist with the global community.My work embodies my spirit and personality. My goal is to allow you to experience the image with your own mind's eye. My work is entirely intuitive. I get lost in the layering of texture and color. Occasionally, I will include figurative work if my spirit is so presented with the composition.Just as there is order in the chaos of the universe, the energy within me is brought into focus one canvas at a time.