lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

Morgana Nagorski @ tKF


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Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 

have the pleasure to invite you

to the opening of the photographic exhibition by

Morgana Nagorski

Inauguration exposure: Tuesday January 22 1:30 pm PST

During the evening live music by Viviana Houston.


End show: Sunday 5 February

Biography Morgana Nagorski

Morgana has been in Second Life since October 2006.

In that time she has been photographer, artist, curator, actor, BOSL photographer, layout artist for BOSL magazine, gallery owner . . . but mostly artist, having had dozens of exhibitions.

In her exhibition at Torno Kohime Foundation she has filled each of her four spaces with work of a different theme, 
Many of these have never been shown in SL before.

See more of Morgana's work here

And yes . . . she is available to do your portrait.

Biography Viviana Houston

Singer in RL since 10 years and in SL since 2007, Viviana Houston will entertain you with the best italian and international music. 

She was chosen to represent with her voice "The Eternity price" in Atlantide land, a new site inspired by the Dracula's Castle, a tribute to Bram Stoker for which a video was made by Falco Tomsen. 
Winner of the 2nd International Incanto Festival 2011
A 4 tracks mini cd "Second LIVE" has been produced in july 2011 by Meta V Records and available in their shops
Feel free to Im her to do your requests and dedications and enjoy her wonderful voice.

A demo of a live performance is available on youtube:

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
 join the campaign "2Lei in Second Life" 
for elimination of violence against women.

lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

Asmita Duranjaya @ tKF

Tanalois Group and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you to 
the inauguration of the art exhibition 

"In fear of war


Asmita Duranjaya 

Monday, January 14 22:30 IT - 1:30 PM PDT


Asmita's biography 


Art has always been a balance for my inner mental condition and a way to handle my feelings and to express myself in a nonverbal way. 
Making art has always been a kind of mental oxygene for me. 
Beside surrealism and the genres of portrait and stilllife, I like to create applied art, like book covers, event posters, cards etc. 
According to my faible for computer work I have more and more specialised in digital painting (tablet pen on an HP tablet laptop) and collage (several graphic software). I enjoy and discover more and more the possibilities, which the virtuality offers for artists to work in 3D.