martedì 25 giugno 2013

Ziki Questi @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you
to the opening of the art exhibition by

Ziki Questi

Wednesday June, 26th - 1.30 pm slt - 22.00 it

Until: July, 10th

Biography Ziki Questi

Ziki Questi's photography has been exhibited at Amore Perduto (2011-ongoing), Artists for SL (2012-ongoing), the Avalon Arts Initiative (2011), Dryland (2012), the Eagle Eye Gallery (2013), RoHaus (Radio Days, 2011), Serenity Gallery (2011) the Town Hall of Dee (2011) and the Virtual Chelsea Hotel Gallery 23 (2013). She maintains a gallery of her work at La Galleria and has also maintained galleries at Avalon Town and Babele Fashion. In late June 2013, her work will be presented by Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation at the Red Lines Gallery, and at Plusia Ars Island.

She participated in the sim-wide "A Rusted Development" (2012-13) at LEA1 with her work "All the Alruses of the Which Ones," at Burn2 (2012) with the installation "lippes in smiling mood, kiss akiss after kisokushk (thank you Mr. Joyce)," and at HaveIt Neox's sim-wide build "Stirring the Dreams" with her installation "The Bridge of Quests" (2012-ongoing). She curated an Avalon Collector's Circle exhibition (2012-ongoing) at the Avalon Art District Exhibition Hall. She is the curator of AM Radio's The Far Away.

As a blogger, Ziki Questi writes about the arts, destinations and other Second Life subjects. She is a staff writer and photographer for AVENUE Magazine and serves as an adjudicator for the University of Western Australia (UWA) Centenary 3D Art Challenge.

As a performing artist in real life, Ziki Questi's human has presented work throughout the United States and Europe, has collaborated with other artists in dance, music, television, film and theatre, and has been published and cited in books, journals and other media.

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mercoledì 19 giugno 2013

Ub Yibu @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 
have the pleasure to invite you to the 
opening of the art exhibition
by Ub Yifu

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday, June19 - 1:30 PM SLT - 22: 30 IT

End show: Wednesday, July 3th

Biography Ub Yifu

Using Second Life since may 2007, I came here because i wanted to create 3D objects. I started building in sanbox as everybody does. I first started reproducing some famous paintings in prims from (Matisse, Magritte, Picasso, Dali, Degas).

Now i rent my own island here :

Since september 2007 I work almost all time on commissioned ones, most of the time people ask me to reproduce some RL statues as a unique piece in SL :

I also do my own avatars inspired from my sculptures

Now i build my own environment on a Homestead to host my galleries :
- Showroom dedicated to classical sculptures, modern sculptures, low prims and gallery s guests.
- A space dedicated to creative arts and animated textures sculptures.
- dileoo Kirax gallery showing some avatar like statues of celebrities and anonymous people

martedì 18 giugno 2013

Aloisio Congrejo @ SL10B

Meet Aloisio Congrejo to SL10B 

to visit the 3D installation 

"A De Chirico virtual, impossible dream"

Tuesday, June 18 1.30 PM SLT - 22.30 IT

Untile June 29

A 3D virtual representation of the picture "Hector and Andromache" by Italian artist De Chirico, impossible because to recreate the atmosphere of the great artist is very difficult, which is why fragments of my work (prims) are on the ground, but with the virtual graphics second life you can get close to 'work and live from the inside

martedì 4 giugno 2013

Sina Souza @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you
the Opening of the Photo Exhibition by 

Sina Souza

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday, June 5th 1.30 pm SLT - 22.30 IT

End show: June 18th

Biography Sina Souza
"Curriculum Vitae":Sina Souza was born in Portugal (Lisbon) in 1990.When she reached her 4 th birthday, she immigrated withher German Mother and Portuguese Father after Germany.There she grew up and still lives today in Germany.She took an early interest for Photography, Art and Culture, but never attended Art school or learned something like that.Her Childhood was not a Prime Example of how they wouldshould be, but her Mother always gave her much Strength and Courage along the way. To her father, she has the years had less contact. Finally she learned in Second Life reflect their Feelings in Pictures and to process it.
"Motivations":Second Life is a great place for creatively romp around,to be inspired or to inspire others. I found it is easier than ever as here, to process Experiences from my Life as good, as I would with my Paintings now make it. It's incredible, how much you can say only with one Image, what you would need sometimes thousands of Words. I love to be creative or to let participate others in my Life with the Help of my Pictures. I am also glad, when I can touch People with the Pictures inside. But I create not only Pictures that affect my Life, but also through Images Themes from the RL, that interest me. Topics, of which I make my own Opinion and from then create a Picture.You can capture every Mood and every Theme in Pictures, that fascinates me!!!