martedì 19 novembre 2013

Duets in art @ tKF for 2Lei 2013

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you to
the opening of the art and music exhibition

"Duets in art"

for "2Lei 2013" for International Day
for the Elimination of Violence against Women

2Lei in Second Life is a collaborative project between some groups in Second Life, which began in 2010 with the aim to raise awareness and disseminate events related to the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women".

Virtual artists, gallery owners, musicians and the cultural figures of Second Life are invited to share the common message of solidarity to the women via their particular Art.

For the 2Lei 2013 Tanalois Art has organized an art event related to music.
28 3D artists and photographers have created works drawing inspiration from some Italian songs and the international ad hoc chosen by Viviana Houston, which in duets with 15 singers will play the selected songs.

Wednesday November 20th - 2.00 PM SLT - 23.00 IT

2Lei 2013 Gallery:

Until: December 4th

Here are the 3D artists and photographers members:

Aloisio Congrejo
Name work: Freedom to fly - Based on the song: Break the chain - Tena Clark

anna Anton
Name work: She - Based on the song: Lei - Charles Aznavour

Betty Tureaud
Name work: Say yes I will, yes I can ... - Based on the song: Superwoman - Alicia Keys

Buffy Holfe 
Name work: ...non tutto - Based on the song:  Portati via - Mina

Daco Monday
Name work:  Il mio canto libero - Based on the song: Il mio canto libero - Lucio Battisti

Domitalia Jinx
Name work: Libertà - Based on the song: Libero - Fabrizio Moro

JadeYu Fhang
Name work: Woman Life - Based on the song: Superwoman - Alicia Keys

La Baroque
Name work: Flying away - Based on the song: Think - Aretha Franklin


Name work: A world out of here - Based on the song: Portati via - Mina


Name work: Dancing in the air - Based on the song: Break the chain - Tena Clark

Layachi Ihnen
Name work: Dualité pérenne - Based on the song: Lei - Charles Aznavour

Lagu Indigo
Name work: She could be heaven or hell - Based on the song: Lei - Charles Aznavour

Leo Kottke
Name work: Songs for 2LEI 2013 - Based on the song: Libertà by Giorgio Gaber

Lita Menges
Name work: Millennium - Based on the song: Listen - Beyonce

Lookatmy Back
Name work: Some day I may return... - Based on the song: L'aquilone - Mario Puglisi

maddomxc Umino
Name work: La Libertà - Based on the song:  La  Libertà - Giorgio Gaber

Mathilde Varghon
Name work: For Crying out Loud - Based on the song: Basta così - Negramaro

Melusina Parkin
Name work: Songs for 2LEI 2013 - Based on the song: She will be loved - Maroon 5

Minollo Menges
Name work: Hidden - Based on the song: Quello che le donne non dicono - Fiorella Mannoia

nexuno Thespian
Name work: Girl on fire - Based on the song:  Girl on fire  - Alicia Keys

Nino Vichan
Name work:  Il colpo finale - Based on the song: L'aquilone - Mario Puglisi

Paola Mills
Name work: L'aquilone - Based on the song: L'aquilone - Mario Puglisi


Name work: Spirito Libero - Based on the song: Spirito libero - Giorgia

Pol Jarvinen
Name work:  I want to break free - Based on the song: I want to break free - Queen

Sisi Biedermann
Name work:  Girl on fire - Based on the song:  Girl on fire  - Alicia Keys

Solkide Auer & Paola Mills
Name work:  This is not a movie, this is a woman - Based on the song:  Think, - Aretha Franklin

Tani Thor
Name work: Smile - Based on the song: Smile - Charlie Chaplin

Taralyn Gravois
Name work: Break The Chain - Based on the song: Break the chain - Tena Clark

Thea Maiman
Name work: Girl on fire - Based on the song:  Girl on fire  - Alicia Keys

ub Yifu
Name work: Think - Based on the song:  Think - Aretha Franklin

Ultraviolet Alter
Name work:  Court - I - Zone - Based on the song:  Il mio canto libero - Lucio Battisti

Christower Dae has photographed Rebeca Bashly's sculptures, inserting in them the verses of the poem "Uomo" by Carmen Auletta.

The theme of the 2Lei event will be "freedom" suggested and inspired by a song gently given by Fabio Tettoni, singer in RL to 2Lei association, called "Libera".

Here are the singers duet with Viviana Houston will present the event.

Altum Neox
Ceci Dover
Cecylia Susanti
Daemon Naidoo
Estrelia Guisse
Giovanni Tomasso
Giulia Elton 
Jade75 Ovis 
Mario Puglisi
MICHAELJackson Follet
Momi Hallison
Nefer Adder
Pako Ghostaltar
Seleluna Calamity 
Tempio Breil.

Margye Ryba (aka Carmen Auletta) takes part in this event with her poem “Man”

We thank all the artists and singers who have joined this event, and in particular Viviana Houston for the time she has devoted to the organization.

domenica 17 novembre 2013

AC/DC vs Metallica Tribute by andromeda Slade @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation

have the pleasure to invite you to

the "AC/DC vs Metallica Tribute"

by Andromeda Slade DJ

into the Photo Exhibition by Miuccia Klaar.

We will listen to the most beautiful songs of two hard rock band masterfully mixed by andromeda Slade.

Sunday, November 17th 2:00 PM SLT - 23.00 IT

AC/DC are an Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who have remained constant members. Commonly referred to as a hard rock or blues rock band, they are also considered pioneers of heavy metal and are sometimes classified as such, though they have always dubbed their music as simply "rock and roll". To date they are one of the highest-grossing bands of all time.
Metallica is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band's fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship placed them as one of the founding "big four" of thrash metal alongside Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Metallica formed in 1981 when James Hetfield responded to an advertisement that drummer Lars Ulrich had posted in a local newspaper.
The band earned a growing fan-base in the underground music community and critical acclaim with its first four albums, with their third, Master of Puppets (1986), described as one of the most influential and "heavy" thrash metal albums. Metallica achieved substantial commercial success with their eponymous fifth album (also known as The Black Album), which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. With this release the band expanded its musical direction resulting in an album that appealed to a more mainstream audience.

venerdì 15 novembre 2013

Viviana Houston @ The Gaia Theory Project - LEA13

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you to
live concert by 

Viviana Houston

into the Gaia Theory Project - LEA13

Viviana Houston will accompany us with his voice on a journey through the most beautiful songs international strictly live.

Friday, November 15th 2:00 PM SLT - 23.00 IT

Viviana Houston
Singer in RL since 10 years and in SL since 2007, Viviana Houston will entertain you with the best italian and international music. 
She was chosen to represent with his voice  "The Eternity price" in Atlantide land, a new site inspired by the Dracula's Castle, a tribute to Bram Stoker for which a video was made by Falco Tomsen. 
Winner of the 2nd International Incanto Festival 2011
A 4 tracks mini cd "Second LIVE" has been produced in july 2011 by Meta V Records and available in their shops
Feel free to Im her to do your requests and dedications and enjoy her wonderful voice.

A demo of a live performance is available on youtube:

The Gaia Theory Project

The Gaia Theory Project is a group project presented by the Tanalois Group and the torno Kohime Foundation under the direction of Aloisio Congrejo, Tani Thor and Nino Vichan. It is based on the Gaia Theory of Lovelock and Margulis.

The GAIA Theory Project brings together 11 artists from 7 countries spanning Asia, Europe and North America. 

This project is sponsored by a 5 month grant from the Linden Endowment for the Arts.

The sim will be available for public visitations through the month of December 2013.

The Gaia hypothesis, also known as Gaia theory or Gaia principle, proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. Topics of interest include how the biosphere and the evolution of life forms affect the stability of global temperature, ocean salinity, oxygen in the atmosphere and other environmental variables that affect the habitability of Earth.
The hypothesis was formulated by the scientist James Lovelock and co-developed by the microbiologist Lynn Margulis in the 1970s


The Exhibits

The following five artists have sky-platform installations (in alphabetical order):
Chinon Beaumont - Mandala
Daco Monday - Evoluzione
comet Morigi - Wind Floaters
Gem Preiz - Macro-stones and Micro-Earth
Betty Tureaud - Gaia from Chaos

The following six artists have ground-based installations, video structures and 2D art galleries (in alphabetical order):
Cayenne Avon - Dryad
Alosio Congrejo - Amelioration and "8+?"
Tani Thor - After the man
Kicca Igaly - Alle origini di Gaia
Melusina Parkin - Alternate Landscapes
Nino Vichan - The Trail of Extinction, Video Structures

There are five video structures with four video rooms in each.
Follow the rivers that extend from the center landing point.

Nuclear Pollution

venerdì 8 novembre 2013

Blues Time by Bacillo Bruun DJ @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you to

"Blues Time"

by Bacillo Bruun DJ

into the Photo Exhibition "Looking at SL" by Duna Gant

We will listen to the most beautiful Blues songs masterfully mixed by Bacillo Bruun.

Saturday, November 9th 2:00 PM SLT - 23.00 IT


Blues is the name given to both a musical form and a music genre that originated in African-American communities of primarily the "Deep South" of the United States around the end of the 19th century from spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads. The blues form, ubiquitous in jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll is characterized by specific chord progressions, of which the twelve-bar blues chord progression is the most common. The blue notes that, for expressive purposes are sung or played flattened or gradually bent (minor 3rd to major 3rd) in relation to the pitch of the major scale, are also an important part of the sound.
The blues genre is based on the blues form but possesses other characteristics such as specific lyrics, bass lines, and instruments. Blues can be subdivided into several subgenres ranging from country to urban blues that were more or less popular during different periods of the 20th century. Best known are the Delta, Piedmont, Jump, and Chicago blues styles. World War II marked the transition from acoustic to electric blues and the progressive opening of blues music to a wider audience, especially white listeners. In the 1960s and 1970s, a hybrid form called blues-rock evolved.
"The blues takes many forms... It is variously a feeling, a mood, a nameless threat, a person, a lover, a boss man, a mob, and, of course, the Devil himself. It is often experienced as both cause and effect, action and reaction, and it can be used as both hex and counterhex, poison and antidote, pain and relief. Most importantly, the blues is both the cause of song, and song itself..."

martedì 5 novembre 2013

Kayly Iali @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you to
the opening of the art exhibition
Kayly Iali

Wednesday November 6th - 1.30 PM SLT - 22.30 IT

Black&White Gallery:

As a real life artist, I have participated in many exhibits and juried shows. Here in Second Life, I bring the same paintings to exhibit. I have been in SL since Feb. 2010 and had exhibited at Pirats, Parks Gallery, Born Museum and various different exhibits.

My abstracts are about movement, layering, and dealing with the subconscious anxiety. As a calligrapher, I applied the paint in a calligraphic manner to produce imageries only left for the viewer to interpret.

My still lifes is simple. A fruit or two. But they interact like people. They are painted in oil and cold wax to give a matted look. A textured look.

If you have any questions about works, please feel free to IM me.

Tani Thor: Are you an artist in real life and what brought you in Second Life?
Kayly Iali: I am a real life artist in Northern California. I exhibit locally and participate in painting events.
I became aware of Second Life when I read an article in a newspaper. It sounds intriguing but I was not computer savvy to try it out. Then right before I graduated with my second bachelor, I decided to give it a try on a new laptop that I received. It was frustrating and had almost quit. But through chances meetings I was able to make SL work and eventually started exhibited in SL.

Tani: Where do you get inspiration for your work?
Kayly: I started painting and exhibiting abstracts when I was in college. My abstracts are based on my ability as a calligrapher, to be able to manipulate the brush in a calligraphic create expressive lines.

Tani: What kind of technique do you use?
KaylyI work in oils and love how the paint feels like butter when spread across the canvas with a brush or a spatula. My abstracts are built on layers, So I do a lot of layering and glazing to create history of my work on the painting.

Tani: There is a site where you/we can enjoy your creations?
KaylyYou can visit my website:

Tani:  What is art for you in Second Life?
KaylyI love to see other artists' works especially from outside the US. There is no other way for me to meet these artists but only in SL.

Tani: Have you ever tried to create art in SL?
KaylyI had attempted doing some SL sculptures but my RL time is important for me to produce more art. So I don't spend that much time in SL to allow time to create...only to exhibit.

Tani: There are artists in SL that you like the most?
KaylyDefinitely! Ieko Catnap, Xirana Oximoxi, Gracie Kendal, Luciella Lutrova, Michaelangelo Montague, Ohsoleomio, Samara Barzane, Winter Nightfire, Antenna Rae to name a few. It is exciting to see their RL works here in SL plus being able to talk to the artist that I would never would have met in RL. This is what makes SL so special. Oh add Slaaa Tenk to the list...I just met her.

venerdì 1 novembre 2013

Lou Reed vs David Bowie Tribute by andromeda Slade DJ @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you to

the "Lou Reed vs Davide Bowie Tribute"

by Andromeda Slade DJ

into the 3D Exhibition "The Word of my life" 

by Aloisio Congrejo.

We will listen to the most beautiful songs of these two musical geniuses masterfully mixed by andromeda Slade.

Saturday, November 2nd 3:00 PM SLT - 23.00 IT


Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed (March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013) was an American musician, singer and songwriter. After serving as guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter of the Velvet Underground, his solo career spanned several decades. 
After his departure from the group, Reed began a solo career in 1972. He had a hit the following year with "Walk on the Wild Side", but subsequently lacked the mainstream commercial success its chart status seemed to indicate. Reed was known for his distinctive deadpan voice, poetic lyrics and for pioneering and coining the term ostrich guitar tuning.

David Robert Jones (born 8 January 1947), known by his stage name David Bowie, is an English musician, singer-songwriter, actor and arranger. Bowie has been a major figure in the world of popular music for over four decades, and is renowned as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s. He is known for his distinctive voice as well as the intellectual depth and eclecticism of his work.
Buckley says of Bowie: "His influence has been unique in popular culture—he has permeated and altered more lives than any comparable figure." In the BBC's 2002 poll of the 100 Greatest Britons, Bowie was placed at number 29. Throughout his career, he has sold an estimated 140 million albums. In the UK, he has been awarded nine Platinum album certifications, 11 Gold and eight Silver, and in the US, five Platinum and seven Gold certifications. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him 39th on their list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time", and 23rd on their list of the best singers of all time.