martedì 9 aprile 2013

Mauro Enyo @ tKF

torno Kohime Foundation and Tanalois Art
have the pleasure to invite you to 
the opening of the Art Exhibition 

by Mauro Enyo.

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday April, 10th 1.30 pm SLT . 22.30 IT

In the evening live music by Andromeda Slade

Biography Mauro Enyo

I am a crystalline being, but wandering and restless because of the darkness and misery I have encountered so often in a contemplative way, and by other bloody realities I encounter in my own trembling skin, driving me to the point of 
madness; so that I struggle to hurl angels and demons from their cohabitation in my being and let them be perpetuated onto canvas, wooden material, 
paper, and other supporting media, sometimes moaning and in forms constructed from the most dissimilar verses of poetry.

My academic studies were the result of my desire to improve my talent, a desire carried forward from my childhood. My first pen and ink sketches were drawings 
of dinosaurs that consumed cities with imaginary skyscrapers crashing down in a deliciously catastrophic scene.

I can say this to describe myself, directing a retrospective glance from that time forward to my arrival in the here and now with the same sincerity as ever, framed in a smile of welcome for all good-willed people.

In SL, I have exhibits at: 
To see my RL work and exhibits, please visit my webpage: 

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