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Rose Borchovski @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 
have the pleasure to invite you to the 
opening of the art exhibition

"You are not allowed to fish" by 

Rose Borchovski

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday, April 17 - 1:30 PM SLT - 22:30 IT

End show: Wednesday, May 1

Biography Rose Borchovski

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FISH, is a part of the installation: The Inevitability of Fate ( shown at two fish). It is the story of Beth and her grandchild Lot, they were forced to leave their home because of a war.
The war came to them in steps, first by rulings of what they were not allowed to do, during the war they are separated and the child get lost. Beth will never find her grandchild back .
The symbol I have used is the Saint Christophe,carrying the child on his shoulders across the river.

I have shown this installation before in sl as part of a bigger group sim installation, but I felt it deserved another showing on its own, placed lost in the sky. 
For me it is the most sad and hard installation I have made in sl, and contains many emotions, the not understanding, the fear, the loss and pain of an upcoming war and separation.

Rose Borchovski is a multi media director in RL and makes art-installations and multimedia performances.
In two of her multimedia -productions she made a cross over between Sl en RL.
First with 'The Blue planet' the closure performance for the expo in Spain, Zaragoza , which toured around Italy and went to China .
Second with the performance "The Big Bang" which was the opening of the Science museum Kopernic in Warsaw. The content of the outside projections show on the face of the building was completely generated in SL. The opening was attended by 24.000 people and broadcast live.
Currently Rose is working on 3 exhibitions in RL with SL animated images.

In Sl Rose is known for her never ending Susa Bubble story and the installation The Inevitability of Fate.
"Echoes in the Garden"
" The Arrival"
" Blind"

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