martedì 23 aprile 2013

Milly Sharple and JadeYu Fhang @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 
have the pleasure to invite you
to the opening of the art exhibition by

Milly Sharple 


JadeYu Fhang

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday, April 24 1:30 PM SLT - 22: 30 IT


End show: Wednesday, May 8

Biography Milly Sharple 
Milly Sharple has been creating fractals for the past 7 years working mostly with the software Apophysis. She creates soft, flowing, liquid effects rather than the more technical kind of fractal art. 
Her inspiration is nature and her own moods are often reflected in the art she produces. 
She enjoys creating images on light backgrounds as much as on dark ones and enjoys a vibrant palette as often as a muted one. 
Milly has recently ventured into the world of abstract art using her fractals and RL photography as a basis for her work. 
If you're interested in buying art from Milly in RL, contact her for more information. 

Biography JadeYu Fhang
JadeYu Fhang is an artist staying in Paris, France ; she has followed drawing classes at the Fine Arts School of Paris, and has attended the Applied Arts School.

My approach :
«There is no split between the "virtual " universe, and the "real" one, as they are commonly named.
Each of them creates inner confusion,exults and feeds itself from the other. From this perspective, my pictures from. SL universe should materialize thanks to their printing on real canvas, recalling then an effect of texture we can find with a painting.
My approach is to give the possiblility to wander over these two worlds where dream (captured by blurred and abstract technics) and reality are completing each others.

Recognizing it :
Means taking the risk to lose one’s « eye » in the confusion of universes, sometimes having a naive and blinded look at it, sometimes having a view imposed by sharp reality . .

It is also recognizing one self in the middle of two dimensions inhérent in our existences and take the power to chose. make the décision to take the road of the enlightened blind one or the one of the realistic reckless one».

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