venerdì 16 maggio 2014

London Junkers @ tKF

Tanalois Art & torno Kohime Foudation

have the pleasure to invite you to 
the opening of the art exhibition

"A Dream, the wings to fly" 


London Junkers

Picture by Lizzie Gudkov

Wednesday, May 21st 1.30 PM SLT - 22.30 IT

The inspiration for this piece comes from the history of aviation starting with the dream to fly , the observation of nature and a kids dream with a paper plane all the way to space traveling. 

London Junkers is a seasoned second life resident with a real life experience in graphics and image related work. In second life he took part in numerous art exhibitions namely for the U.W.A., L.E.A., and various art galleries. He also created a few installations for the second life birthday events. At the moment he is working on some pieces for future exhibits.

Nino Vichan: What brought you in Second Life?
London Junkers: I discovered second life while watching an interview with Dr. Michio Kaku where he was inworld exploring the benefits of virtual communication.

Nino: What is art for you in Second Life?
London: Art is not in second life is another form of art complementing real life art.

Nino: What prompted you to make art in Second Life?
London: It was only natural to use this medium as an exploration exercise since I do artwork in my first life as well.

Nino: What inspires your creations?
London: Beauty mostly but some times just things that I love like in this case my interest in aviation.

Nino: Are you an artist in rl?
London: Arent we all, :-)).

Nino: Is there any artist that inspires you in SL or RL?
London: Many of course, but it would be difficult to pick one, I reckon it depends on the mood.

Nino: Is there a site where we can enjoy your creations?
London: I prefer to work in one piece at a time and devote all my attention to it so Tanalois gallery is the only place where you can see my work at the moment..

Nino: Any projects for your artistic future in Second Life?
London: Yes I am currently planning a few projects to be announced soon.

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