domenica 30 marzo 2014

Mac Kanashimi @ SperimentArt

SperimentArt & Tanalois Art

have the pleasure to invite you to

the opening of the art exhibition

"3D Fractals"

Mac Kanashimi

Monday, March 31 22:30 IT - 1:30 PM SLT
SperimtArt Gallery:

This exhibition shows the following 3D fractals: tetrahedron tetrahedron complement tetrahedron inverted pyramid pyramid complement pyramid inverted Menger sponge Menger sponge complement Sierpinski-Menger Sierpinski-Menger complement octahedron octahedron complement Vicsek greek cross solenoid Hilbert Htree
[Features] - HSL to RGB color conversion {4} - mesh prims: tetrahedron, box and octahedron
[References] {1} Wikipedia: List of fractals by Hausdorff dimension {2} Platonic solid fractals and their complements by Paul Bourke {3} Solenoid fractal by Paul Bourke {4} Wikipedia: HSL and HSV
[About Mac Kanashimi] Application developer from Holland. Studied Information Technology at Open University. Work experience includes telephone exchanges, security expert system, iPhone/Android/Blackberry apps.
[Contact] (E-mail) (Facebook) (Flickr)
[Previous Exhibitions] 3D mandelbrot fractal art at Linden Endowment for the Arts 3D mazes and labyrinths at SL10B 88 polyhedra skeletons at SL9B The magic gimbals at SL8B
[Credits] Artist: Mac Kanashimi (Holland) Special Thanks: Mikati Slade (Japan)

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