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Fae Varriale @ tKF

Tanalois Art & torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you to
the opening of the art exhibition

Fae Varriale

Thursday, March  13th 2:30 PM SLT - 22:30 IT

3D Gallery:

Nino Vichan: What brought you in Second Life?
Fae Varriale: I saw a program about it on TV. I thought it looked awful but decided to take a look -  that was 6 years ago.

Nino: What prompted you to make art in Second Life?
Fae: I had put some photos from SL on Flikr and became inspired by the work of SL artists I saw there. As I had always built in SL creating 3D works and installations was just a natural progression.

Nino: What  inspires your creations?
Fae: Fantasy and myth runs through a lot of my work, and I like my installations to stories that take you on a journey. Inworld I often will get inspired by a place, or a pose, or maybe an item of clothing and create a picture round that - those often come out totally different to what was originally intended though.

Nino: Are you an artist in rl?
Fae: No

Nino: Is there any artist that inspires you in SL or RL?
Fae: It is more the individual art work that inspires me than any specific artist, although in SL a lot of Bryn Oh's work has really moved me

Nino: Is there a site where we can enjoy your creations?
Fae: I have a gallery where I display my pictures. My 3D work isn't on display anywhere at the moment.

Nino: What are the creative techniques that you use in your work?
Fae: My pictures are taken in SL and post processed in Gimp and Photoshop. I am currently learning to create with 3D programs to make my own mesh.

Nino: Any projects for your artistic future in Second Life?
Fae: I am too busy working on a large project with MadPea Productions right now, but I hope to have the chance to have an LEA sim again some time in the future. 

Fae Varriale Biography
Drawing on the diversity of beautiful and unusual landscapes and the ability to change appearance to almost anything you wish, Fae uses photographs taken inworld as the basis for her pictures.  
As a keen builder she also developed a passion for creating 3D art and immersive installations and became involved in creating installations as part of mixed media performance space, incorporating live music, storytelling and dance. She has created stage sets for the Independent Ballet Company, DiversionzDance, BOSL Fashion Week and Miss Virtual World.                       
"Often dark and moody, Fae's artwork is inspired by myth, folklore and fantasy. The haunting imagery draws you into strange yet familiar dreamworlds."
"Fae’s art is dark and delightful, imbuing each piece with its own aura. Mystical scenes and beings are inspired by myth, folklore, and fantasy; the haunting imagery is stunning."
Fae has exhibited at galleries across SL, including Wash Street, gallery 4, Pyramid Gallery, Dark Draconis Gallery, Gallery Arctica, Rose Gallery, gallery 23, Future Vision Art Gallery, Galeria Mexico, Cuauhnahuac Gallery, torno Kohime Foundation, Alpha Asteri, Pirats Art Network, Ce Soir and the Mysterious Wave sim.

LEA full sim series installation May 2012 - 'Wonderlands'

LEA artist in residence Sept 2012 -  March 2013 - 'Danse Macabre'

UWA 3D Open Art Challenge unscripted category winner Jan 2011 'Daughter of the wind'
UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge overall winners joint 8th  Aug 2012 'Heartwood'
UWA Artists' Choice challenge winner Aug 2012 "On the breath of the wind"

Builder for MadPea productions

Choreographer for DiversionzDance

Fae  is the co owner and co manager of Branwen Arts Centre which houses a gallery , exhibition space and theatre.

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