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Solkide Auer @ tKF

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Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 

have the pleasure to invite you to the 

Opening of the Art Exhibition


by Solkide Auer

Inauguration exposure: Wednesday, March 20 - 2:30 PM SLT - 22:30 IT

In the evening live music by Andromeda Slade Dj

End show: Wednesday, April 3

Biography Solkide Auer 
Second Life has been and is for me a very important experience. 
The starting effect of curiosity for this metaverse soon turned into the wish of saying something trying to create a definite personality.
Building gave me that chance, that is the ability to creating objects of any kind, from the simplest to the most complex. All that after attending some courses offered by the school of Building at Secondlearning. Later on, after exploring this metaverse far and wide, I realized I wanted to do something that would go beyond the usual rule of structures or classical framing; so I tried to express my ideas through different sculptures. I started creating geometrical shapes then I used more difficult techniques such as "the shade", which gives the possibility to manipulate a unique prim in a very complex way. As a result I obtained unexpected and different shapes quite unlike the ones anyone can find around. 
It is clear that I've been working hard to get this result trying to get the good ones a and long nights spent trying to understand how to frame at my best some works that could convey an emotion.... even the simplest, and that it could attract people to an idea I had in my mind or just to share my message with them. 
In October I had the honour to be at "Virtual Renaissance" in Florence, with 5 of my work printed on 2 curtains decorating one of the room of Museum of Natural Sience - Anthopological Section.
In March 2009 some of my works has been exposed in big monitors at Rome in the Adriano's Temple during an exhibition about Digital Art.
I have partecipated for three years at the Burning Life in SL an exhibition made in the same time at the Nevada desert in USA called Burning Man.
in this 3 years of sl i have partecipated at many exhibitions and exposed to the most important Museum of SL : Pirats Gallery - AHO Museum - Primtings Museum - Delacroix Hall - Crescent Moon Museum - Piramide Art Gallery - Museo del Metaverso - Diabolus Art Space - UWA (University West Australia) Gallery - Aeonia Arts and many other important gallery.

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