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Mathilde Vhargon and Rubben Acajou @ tKF


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Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation 
have the pleasure to invite you
at the opening of the art exhibition 
in a new location of

Mathilde Vhargon 


Rubben Acajou 

Inauguration exposure: 
Wednesday, March 13 2:30 PM SLT - 22: 30 IT

During the evening live music by 
Eddieguitardagger Sheryffe aka Eddie Santillo.

End show: Wednesday, March 27

Biography Mathilde Vhargon 
I am undeniably attracted to shiny things... Asian lacquerware, ceramics, blown glass, silver, gold, gemstones, and lights! I don't make any of those things, but I have been pursuing shininess in my digital paintings much of the time. I notice that natural light sources, such as sun, moon, and stars crop up quite often in my work, too
This exhibit is a collection of some old and new 'shiny things' digital paintings I made. I hope you enjoy them.

About Me
A former professional classical musician, I began making sculpture in Second Life and then became more focused on digital painting, which I create using only Gimp software. 
My paintings suggest themselves to me a little at a time without conscious planning. I often use small sections of them as materials to develop into new paintings.
I love strong colours and flowing abstract forms. You will often find ambiguous suggestions that lead the viewer to imagine various possibilities and interpretations. I am most happy when my art creates a chain of associations and questions about life and humanity. 
The possibility that we might touch someone with a common connection, making them think and feel in response to our work, is the most wonderful thing about making art. 
My favourite artists are Marc Chagall and J.M.W. Turner. 

Biography Rubben Acajou
Mainly I am a painter RL. My painting is within realism and figurative work in any genere, landscapes, still lifes, seascapes, cityscapes, still within the realist style, using for this oil painting on canvas or board marina. 

It is a painting that requires much time and labor, using the methods that were used in the nineteenth century Spanish style.

Biography Eddie Santillo
EddieGuitar Dagger Sheryffe is the new avatar's name of the big EddieGuitar Dagger. Reborned in sl , after 3 months he goes far away to write new songs for his real career, and learn new ones covers to enjoy his Sl public.
In real he is known like Eddie Santillo, one of the best italian rock guitarists.
He started to play guitar since he was a child , studing to become a part of many italian groups,and with some of them winning the EMERGENZA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL.Even if he had a parenthesis playing latin music, his love for Rock is the pics of his life.
He plays LIVE all his gigs, in VIDEO Streaming too, so sl people could have a double Show and looking that Eddie is playing truly live.
@ end of January he had 300 shows in a years,with great affluence of people.
He plays and sing songs, by Bon Jovi, Bowie, AC/DC, guns n' roses, Kiss, Who, Cinderella, Thin Lizy, Gary Moore and a compilation of songs of his album: I RACCONTI DEL MARINAIO APPLEFORD.

He is the only italian artist appear in a big italian magazine like " best italian musician in SL"
The first of May 2010 he started a great SL WORLD TOUR......20 nation in SL...
In Second Life on monday 27 WON The 1st Edition of LIVE MUSIC CONTEST between 12 musicians.
January 30th celebrate 3 years in sl..with the show number 1000...and February 2th start his second SL WORLD TOUR.
March 2011 win a special prize for his originals songs in a importan italian sl festival
December 2010 start a new swing jazz show...
May 2011 he add an italian songs show.
To know more take a look on :

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