martedì 17 settembre 2013

Lagu Indigo and Stardove Spirt @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you to
the opening of the art exhibition by

Lagu Indigo


Stardove Spirt

Wednesday September, 18th - 1.30 pm slt - 22.30 IT

Music by dj Andromeda Slade

Until: October 2nd 

I made a few questions to artists. Here are their answers.

Tani: What brought me into Second Life?
Lagu: A family member brought me into Second Life,  the first place I visited was the botanical garden's and I thought this is beautiful the colours and textures seemed so real, I met my first friend there, at first i was unsure if  i would stay and play this game, but my new friend helped me see that there was things in Second life that suited me and my art and journey was born.
Stardove: While i always played online games with friends. A friend told me about second life  were people met and  had fun. I Then joined second life and straight away was amazed by it all, the beautiful places to see the things to do and explore  the clothes to wear. It also gave me the opportunity to mix with other people of different countries. And then began my beautiful  journey in Second Life.

Tani: What is art for you in Second Life?
LaguTo me all Second Life is art, there is so much inspiration in Second Life, every day, something new crated, and this gives me inspiration to do the creative things i love doing.
Stardove: Art is all around in Second Life the avatar the builds the textures seeing art in second life brings you to a whole new dimensions of seeing things. Art in second life lets you express things your way.

Stardove Spirt's work
Tani: What promoted me to make art in Second Life?
LaguI did not do art at first, i done spiritual and mystical talks, and then angel dances, i went to visit some Sims that showed art with my friend and we visited vangoth sim and was so inspired i wanted show my art in SL, another friend let me upload and show at his gallery and it went on from there people asked me to show at there galleries and my confidence grew and i got to understand more techniques from programs suggested to me my friends and this promoted me to do more. :)
Stardove: Being a creative person and seeing all the art in second life promoted me to use my inspiration with the help of others. To see al the other artists and builders use the creativeness and all the amazing things which they produced  promoted me to try to achieve  this also. 

Tani: What inspired your creations?
LaguA lot of SL friends inspired me to do art, they encouraged me in new ways that i hadn't thought of before, i have always been creative ability in real life, but in sl you can express this in a beautiful and different ways, when you see the builds and other peoples art it give you more inspiration that of which, you first had yourself. What i crate is part me, but being in a virtual world crates something unreal but then becomes real to my  creative mind, you can experiment, you can twist, turn, shape and delete how amazing is that.
Stardove: All of SL and Real Life inspires me so much to learn see and experience.

Lagu Indigo's work

Tani: Are you artist Real Life?
LaguYes i am an artist and a creative person coming from a  creative family in music and art.
Stardove: In real life  im very much an artist  all my work is in mixed medium. As in second life my art also portrays spirituality and nature and emotions. Creativeness surrounds my home and this is what i have always loved.  

Tani: Is there and artist that inspires you RL or SL?
LaguVangogh is my favourite artist, to me he has a lot of spirit in his paintings and the flow was  amazing, but i like all art.
Within Second Life there is so many good artist's, when i go to see some openings, i think wow look at that, there are to many i could mention here, i think all artists inspire each other in Second life.
StardoveI cant say as have to many but william blake was one i choose while doing art. In Second Life how can you choose all the artists are different so like them all.

Stardove Spirt's work

Tani: Is there a site where you can enjoy your creations?
LaguIf you goggle Lagu Indigo there are some of my works, put on there sites, I have just set up a Flickr account which i will show my creations i have done over all the years in Second Life and maybe that will inspire others.
My real life work is
Stardove: Were can you view my creations nowhere as yet but i hope to set up in the future.

Tani: What is the crative techniques you use in your work?
LaguI use all mediums and i experiment in different ways with different tools, a good imagination and a vision of how you feel and imagine a project to be always crates something new and only when i feel its right to me, then i am happy with the result, many of my paintings come from experiences in my life and i express this in most of my work.
StardoveMy creative techniques are many but in Second Life i draw in pastels or pencils then upload and use digital paint program. Through Second Life i had chance to learn about digital art which i enjoy very much this new form of art.

Lagu Indigo's work

Tani: Future projects for second life?
LaguTo carry on being inspired to do more art works and to bring new works to show sl , to learn more about new things.
where ever the SLl journey take me.
Stardove: Hoping for chance to share my art and to also bring in new ideas creativity. Because sl is the vision the dream the art. And i hope to learn more.

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