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Miuccia Klaar @ tKF

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
have the pleasure to invite you
to the opening of the art exhibition by

Miuccia Klaar

Wednesday , October 23th - 1.30 pm slt - 22.30 IT


Tani Thor: What brought you in Second Life?
Miuccia Klaar: I saw an article in a magazine about SL in 2006, and later I decided to see what kind of game was that Second life. So I logged in, but I didn't understand anything. I could barely walk, just in circles and against walls (still do :D) and I thought was a waste of time after like two hours... So I've stopped and just two weeks later I decided to have a go again... and I'm still here :)))).

Tani: What is art for you in Second Life?
Miuccia: Anything that evokes beauty… can be a paint, a photography, an avatar, a Sim and most of all a mood. 
Beauty for me is also dystopia, I have a great attraction for everything that is dystopic.

Tani: What prompted you to make art in Second Life?
Miuccia: I used to follow carefully a few people that for me are great artists in SL; some in blogs, others in websites like Flickr. To mention just a few I will choose two: Strawberry Singh was the first blogger that made me notice how pictures in SL could be so inspiring. I think she is a great example in SL, how she improved and the way she shares her knowledge with everyone. My partner Squonk Levenque is the person that I should "blame" for doing all this now, he is an amazing artist, in RL and SL, he has the talent to create beautiful moods in his RL pictures and in SL in the sims he built, like Treptower Park; Rain and Felona & Sorona, this last one with a special meaning for both of us. I think that anyone that ever been in his sims knows what I mean with the special moods that he's able to create. He taught me loads of things, gave me the tools, Photoshop and a Wacom table (that I don't use :D) and he makes me keep going always. Ah and Tani I must thank him for the little italian that I pretend to speak (laughs).

Tani: What inspire your creations?
Miuccia: I am a contradiction in my own creations :))). I can be totally turned on by some yellow flowers that I must shoot...or a very dark depressive ambiance can have the same effect. Sometimes I am looking at amazing artists here in SL that follow a kind of work and that we know almost just by looking that belongs to them, and I think that I would like to be able to do the same. But I can't because I am eager to do many different things all at the same time, as you can see in my streams. But give me some gorgeous sim... and there I am... for hours... breathing it (laughs)

Tani: Are you an artist in rl?
MiucciaNo I am not. I come from a different area - psychology. 

Tani: Is there any artist that inspires you in SL or RL?
Miuccia: Oh yes, there are many. In RL I could name Ray Ceaser; Viveros and Dilka Bear for instance. In SL I admire hugely many people that take my breath away with their work, I will nominate just one because she is my truly my biggest inspiration in SL: Annie Klavinham. I think she is a wondrous talent.

Tani: There is a site where you can enjoy your creations?
Miuccia: I have a stream in Flickr and in Koinup. 

Tani: What are the techniques that you use in your work?
Miuccia: I make HUGE photos (laughs) that make anyone crazy when I try to send it over by mail.
I've learned this with my dear friend Warmanimations Lisa, the entire picture is so much easier to work afterwards, then I work with Photoshop and textures that I collect all over Flickr - thank you so much for all of you that let us use your creations. In this exhibition I will have a few works where I am trying some new techniques, they come out much more "raspy" and I'm enjoying the way they look. Let's hope everyone else does too :))).

Tani: Projects for your artistic future in Second Life?
Miuccia: I've been very busy lately with RL, which leaves me very little time for SL and my artwork. I keep planning things and having new ideas, but sometimes is just too hard to go in and do it. But I have hope (smiles)! Besides that, is very good to login and see invitations to expose my stuff. Unfortunately due to my lack of time I can't accept all for now, but is with great pleasure that I will be in exposing in Red Lines Gallery at Torno Kohime Foundation. Grazie mille Tani and all the team.

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